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Visit 30% OFF code:FIFA2023.The Cheap and reliable site to get fut 23 coins xbox series x. has been an ever-present issue and source of frustration for FIFA players throughout the series' history.don't actually scan every single single player yearly, even if they are available at the time? (the video only shows Ox, Curtis Jones and Robertson getting in the scan machine, the rest were doing photoshoot stuff) And that this is the first time Robertson has been re-scanned since FIFA 16? :open_mouth:

Oh and at 11:55 you can see the computer screen and the file path which reads D :\Scans\FIFA22. And Jérémy Morel and Jordan Ayew too, though those may have come later.

Mexico City’s Estadio Azteca, which hosted the 1970 and ’86 finals, will become the first stadium in three World Cups, selected along with Guadalajara’s Estadio Akron and Monterrey’s Estadio BBVA

. It's already in Spain, everything takes time. Same for La Liga & Bundesliga too, which will follow when allowed. but I need to say it out loud, at least once!

My point is: Why don't you guys from EA not just add generic national teams (like with Brazil). Danjuma nabbed six goals in his first ever Champions League campaign, and was also a constant threat in league matches, nabbing a memorable hat-trick against Granada

.C. I'm waiting confirmation on a Bundesliga and la Liga rescan before i buy this one.

There are only four players in the box and now I have changed to keep your midfielders outside the box in any situation because when you recover they will build up the game and you will probably see a lot of professional games where they are around the box.

I've been asking this for years

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